Introduction to Martial Law (Times of Turmoil, Vol. 2)

(This is a Fictional account of a possible Last Days scenario written to be thought provoking and entertaining.)

The Turmoil Deepens

As this volume opens, Nathan Foster and Marie Shaw have miraculously reunited in Chicago. They are overjoyed to be back together, but they know their lives will be in danger if they attempt to leave the city.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s father Garrett and his stepmother Vanessa have seemingly disappeared somewhere in southern California after traveling there to help Vanessa’s relatives following an earthquake.

Marie’s parents, Aaron and Carol, are living in Orem, Utah, and are watching over Nathan’s half-sister Denise. Aaron continues to work at the National Security Agency’s Utah Data Center.

It is now mid-June, and the nation is economically shattered following the bioterror attack orchestrated by China. The Black Flu epidemic has temporarily waned, but millions of Americans have died, and the affects of the illness have impacted every citizen.

The government agency FEMA has responded to the mounting housing problems in the southern United States caused by Hurricane Barton a few weeks earlier, but thousands of citizens are still homeless. The temperatures are rising there, and so are tempers. Infections and common diseases are spreading there due to a lack of medicines.

Despite the nation’s overwhelming troubles—including festering political scandals and cover-ups—most media outlets continue to deflect criticism away from the U.S. president and his administration. Instead, smiling news anchors rave about the First Lady’s latest hairstyle. 

Meanwhile, the officers from the Chip Compliance Authority are becoming increasingly brazen in cracking down harshly on people who didn’t have the chip, labeling anyone without one as a fugitive from justice.

China and Russia are biding their time, letting the American economy collapse on itself. The Affordable Care Act that began to be fully implemented in 2014 continues to stymie private businesses and even municipalities, leading to greater underemployment and increased medical costs for most Americans. Meanwhile, the national debt continued to grow exponentially as the federal government continued to borrow money in order to cover their obligations.

All of these events have combined to create an atmosphere of uneasiness and stress within the general population. Pockets of civil unrest are again popping up in the nation’s larger cities, including Chicago, where Nathan Foster and Marie Shaw currently find themselves.

Now on with their story.