Table of Contents

    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter One: The Word of the Lord Will Be Fulfilled
    Noah’s 120-Year Mission to the Wicked
    Noah Receives an Unusual Commandment from the Lord
    The Word of the Lord Is Catastrophically Fulfilled
    The Weak and Humble Moses Receives a Startling Revelation
    The Immediate Fulfillment of the Word of the Lord to Moses
    Judea Is Attacked by Assyria
    The Destruction of the Massive Army of Sennacherib
    The Fall of Assyria and the Rise of Babylon
    The Rise and Fall of Babylon
    The Prophet Samuel Courageously Prophesies of Jesus Christ’s Birth
    The Amazing Prophecies Given to Samuel
    Prophecies of Death, Horror and Destruction
    A Modern Prophet Predicts a Desolating War in America
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Two: The Purpose of Prophecy
    The Lord Uses Prophecy to Fulfill His Purposes
    The Lord Wants to Warn the Righteous and Encourage the People to Repent
    Standing in Holy Places
    Latter-day Prophecies Give Us Knowledge and Peace
    Preparing for the Events of the Last Days
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Three: The Persecution of the Saints
    Persecution Will Increase Throughout the World
    Modern Prophets Have Warned of Increased Persecution
    When Can We Expect This Period of Persecution?
    The Lord Will Watch Over the Saints in Their Trials
    Commerce with Babylon Will Cease
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Chapter Four: Patience in Persecution
    A Warning for the Saints
    We Must Protect Our Souls In Patience
    Understanding the Root Cause of Persecution
    Comprehending the Lord’s Purposes in Allowing the Persecution of the Saints
    Persecution Will Lead to the Destruction of the Wicked
    Persecution Also Increases the Efforts and Diligence of the Faithful
    The Faithful Will Be Blessed
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Five: The Gospel Is Withdrawn from the Nations
    The Beginning of the Times of the Gentiles
    The End of the Times of the Gentiles
    The Destruction of the Wicked Will Occur After the Missionaries Are Called Home
    Modern Prophets Describe in Detail the Fate of the Wicked Who Reject the Gospel
    The Wicked Will Bring Destruction Upon Themselves Because They Will Not Repent
    Modern Prophets Testify that the Lord Will Bring Destruction Upon the Wicked
    The Wicked Must Be Warned Before They Can Be Destroyed
    The Sword of God’s Justice Hangs Over the Americas
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Six: Protection for the Righteous
    The Power of Righteousness
    Promises of Protection from the Prophets of the Lord
    Lessons Learned in Missouri
    The Lord Will Protect His Servants
    The Prophet Joseph Smith Was Protected Numerous Times
    The Saints Will Be Blessed in Holy Places of Security
    The Lord Will Watch Over the Saints
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Seven: The Lord’s Promises for the Righteous
    The Lord Wants to Bless His Servants
    The Righteous Will Receive Help from the Heavens
    Only Those Who Are Righteous Will Merit Protection
    Some of the Righteous Will Perish
    “Terrible” for Righteousness
    The Wicked Will Be Destroyed by Fire
    Preparing for the Protective Powers from Heaven
    The Lord Has Promised to Help the Righteous
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Eight: Gathering the Wheat and Removing the Tares
    Gathering the Wheat into Places of Safety
    The Gathering Will Occur as the Tares Are Being Bound for Destruction
    The Fate of Those Who Turn Against the Church
    The Threshing of the Wheat
    “Cut Off from Among My People”
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Nine: Cleansing the Inner Vessel
    The Lord Needs a Purified and Sanctified People
    The Continual Cleansing of the Church
    A Wheat or a Tare?
    The Angels Are Ready to Reap Down the Wicked
    The Church Will Be Purified and Prepared for the Second Coming
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Ten: The Return of Brother Joseph
    Many of the Nauvoo Saints Learn of Joseph’s Future Return
    President Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball Teach of Joseph’s Future Resurrection
    The Savior Prophesies of Joseph’s Return
    Malachi Prophesies of the Important Work to be Completed by the Prophet Joseph
    The Priesthood and Keys Given to Joseph Were Never Taken from Him
    Joseph Will Be the First Person to Be Resurrected in This Dispensation
    The Prophet Brigham Young Discloses Many Details about the Prophet Joseph’s Return
    Many People Will Not Recognize that the Millennium Has Begun
    The Sacred Opportunity to Associate with the Resurrected Saints
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Eleven: Establishing the Political Kingdom of God
    God Is in Control of the Nations of the World
    The Kingdom of God Grows Out of the Church
    An Explanation of How the Kingdom of God Will Operate
    The Prophecy that “Every Knee Shall Bow” Will Be Fulfilled
    The Banner of Liberty of the Kingdom of God
    Freedom for the People within the Kingdom of God
    The Kingdom of God Will Bring Political Unity, Order and Peace
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twelve: The Kingdom of God Will Cover the Earth
    The Kingdom of God Will Be Established by the Saints
    The Rise of the Kingdom of God
    The Constitution Will Hang by a Thread
    The Kingdom of God Will Spread Throughout the World
    Making Room for the Kingdom of God
    The Righteous Will Rule the Nations During the Millennium
    The Role of the Prophet Joseph
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Thirteen: Restoring the Law of Consecration and Stewardship
    The “One Mighty and Strong” Who Will Establish the Law of Consecration
    Other Prophecies of “One Mighty and Strong”
    Understanding the Law of Consecration and Stewardship
    A New Kind of Lifestyle
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Fourteen: Preparing to Live a Consecrated Life
    A Step Toward Building the City of New Jerusalem
    Becoming Like the City of Enoch
    The Law of Consecration Will Bring Many Blessings
    An Organization to Bless the Human Race
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Fifteen: Light and Knowledge Pours Down from Heaven
    Joseph Was Unable to Reveal All He Knew Because the Church Members Failed to Support              Him
    The Prophet Joseph Could Not Reveal All that He Knew
    Joseph’s Brethren Also Noted that He Was Unable to Teach All that He Knew
    The Saints Will Be Blessed with the Teachings and Principles of Eternity
    Missing Scriptures Will Be Restored
    Strengthening the Saints
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Sixteen: Signs of Impending Destruction
    The Righteous Will Flee the Wicked Cities
    The Saints Will Be Led by Inspired Church Leaders and They Will Be Guided by the Holy                   Spirit
    Weakness in the Government
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Seventeen: The Awful Fate of the Wicked
    Judgments Await the United States If the People Do Not Repent
    Safety in Zion
    The Lord’s Wrath Will Descend upon the Wicked
    The Fullness of the Lord’s Wrath
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Eighteen: Famine and Wars Spread Across the Land
    Famines of Epic Proportions Will Decimate the Wicked
    “Upon My House Shall It Begin”
    The Preservation of the Righteous
    A Great Hailstorm Will Destroy the Crops of the Earth
    This Great Famine Will Then Result in War
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Nineteen: The Desolation of Cities of the Wicked
    The Prophesied Destruction of Certain Wicked Cities
    The Wrath of God Will Be Poured Out Upon the Wicked
    A Special Warning from the Lord to the Righteous in the Latter Days
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty: Cataclysmic Disasters Descend Upon the Wicked
    Those Who Have Rejected the Lord Will Receive His Judgments
    Earthquakes in Diverse Places
    Turmoil in the Earth’s Oceans
    Many Wicked Men Will Be Destroyed
    Retribution from the Children of Lehi
    A Plague to Vex the Gentiles
    The Sanctification of the Land of America
    The Fall of the Great and Abominable Church
    Great Rejoicing Among the Righteous
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-One: The Land of Zion Will Be Redeemed
    The Expulsion of the Saints from Jackson County
    The Land of New Jerusalem Will Be Redeemed by a “Man Like Moses”
    What Is the Redemption of Zion?
    The Saints Must Be Righteous in Order to Live in the Lands of Zion
    The Righteousness of the Saints Can Hasten the Day of Zion’s Redemption
    The Prophets Saw in Vision the Return of the Saints to Missouri
    Inheritances for the Saints
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Two: Building the Glorious City of New Jerusalem
    Prophecies of the Rise of the City of New Jerusalem
    Understanding the Blueprint for the City of New Jerusalem
    The Construction of the City of New Jerusalem
    The Beauty of the City of New Jerusalem
    The Saints Will Find Protection in Zion
    Zion Will Spread Throughout the World
    An Important Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman
    The Rule of the Wicked Comes to an End
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Three: A Fiery Crucible at Old Jerusalem
    The Gathering to Jerusalem
    The Temple of Solomon Will Be Rebuilt
    Jerusalem Will Be Surrounded and Attacked
    The People Will Be Protected Through the Priesthood Power Given to Two Prophets of the             Lord
    The Savior Will Appear and Destroy the Wicked Armies at Jerusalem
    The Destruction of the Wicked Armies
    Blessings for the Jewish Nation
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Four: The House of Israel Returns Home
    The Remnants of Israel Begin to Gather Home
    The Kings and Queens of the Gentiles Will Assist in the Gathering of Israel
    The Saints Will Go Forth, Preaching the Gospel and Gathering Israel Home
    The Return of the Lost Tribes of Israel
    The Land Will Be Blessed by the Lord
    The Tribes of Israel Will Inhabit the Empty Cities of the Wicked
    The Returning Tribes of Israel Will Begin to Gather to Their Lands of Inheritance
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Savior Returns in Triumph and Glory
    The Savior’s First Two Appearances
    All of Mankind Will See the Savior at His Awe-Inspiring and Glorious Second Coming
    The Sun Will Be Darkened and the Moon Turned to Blood Shortly Before the Second Coming
    Other Signs in the Heavens Will Appear
    The Celestial Saints Will Be Resurrected
    The Triumphant Return of the Son of God
    The Earth Is Cleansed by the Burning of the Wicked
    The Angels of God Will Burn the Wicked
    The Tares of the Church Will Also Be Destroyed
    Satan’s Dominion Will Come to an End
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Thousand Years of Peace
    The Righteous Will Be Blessed and Rewarded
    The End of All Wars Will Profoundly Affect the Human Race
    The Saints Will Inherit Eternal Glories with the Lord
    The History of the World Will Be Revealed in Great Detail in a Millennial Vision
    The Continents Will Join Back Together
    The City of Enoch Will Return and Dwell on the Earth Again
    Many Other Important Millennial Events Will Take Place
    A Marvelous Work and a Wonder Will Fill the World During the Millennium
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Spiritual and Physical Preparation
    Spiritual Preparation
    Preparation Through the Gift of Charity
    Physical Preparation
    Financial Preparation
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Mental and Emotional Preparation
    Crafts and Skills Will Bless the Saints
    Emotional Preparation
    Preparing for the Law of Consecration and Stewardship
    Preparing to Administer the Kingdom of God
    Preparing for the Return of the Savior
    Chapter Footnotes

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Peace, Hope and Strength
    The Lord Will Help Us in Our Trials
    Rejoicing in Persecution
    All That We Receive Is Through the Mercy of the Father and Son
    Strength Comes Through Faith in Jesus Christ
    The Holy Spirit Can Comfort Us in our Trials
    Facing Our Trials with an Eternal Perspective
    The Lord’s Promised Heritage for the Righteous
    We Must Rely Upon the Lord
    Chapter Footnotes