October 30

“It’s not over till it’s over is true,

Because quitting halfway will never do.

Enduring to the end, my blessings brings,

So I will stay ‘til the [church bells ring].”

(Latter Day Saint Wit and Wisdom, p. 19)

* * * * *

A grandson, age 3, watched the weather go from rainy to sunny to rainy again within minutes. “Grandma,” he curiously asked, “does Heavenly Father use a remote control?” (Stories and Jokes of Mormon Folks, p. 94).

* * * * *

Golden had been called in to see President [Heber J.] Grant; something that had happened far too often for Golden’s taste. These interviews made him feel like a boy called to the principles office. The reason for the interview was---you guessed it---Golden’s swearing.

President Grant upbraided Golden, once again, for his lack of decorum. He was undermining the dignity of his office. As a General Authority, Golden was held to a higher standard than other Church members. Couldn’t he please reign in his incautious remarks?

It was a long and arduous dressing down. Golden tried to explain himself, but President Grant was having none of it.

In exasperation Golden threw his hands up and said, “I can’t understand why you’re so upset with me, Heber. Hell, you knew what you were getting when you got me!”

(More J. Golden Kimball Stories, p. 35)