Two missionaries who had been out tracting all day knocked on yet another door.  When the lady of the house answered, she took one look at them and slammed the door.  Tired of being rejected, the missionaries decided to try something new.  They ran around to the back door and knocked.  The same woman answered, but before she could slam the door again, the elders said, “Boy!  We hope you’re not as mean as the lady in front!”


The Rev. Charles A. Weatherbee was a popular Baptist minister who went throughout the Deep South spreading lies about the Mormons.  J. Golden Kimball encountered him as a young missionary in Memphis, Tennessee.  He and his companion were walking down the street, and coming from the other direction was Rev. Weatherbee.  J. Golden nudged his companion, “Isn’t that the man who preaches against us?”  His companion said, “Yes, that’s him.”

As Rev. Weatherbee got nearer, he apparently recognized the two young men as Mormon elders.  As he approached with righteous wrath, he said, “Good morning, you sons of the Devil!”

J. Golden doffed his hat politely and said, “Good morning, father!” (J. Golden Kimball Stories, p. 18-19).