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J. Golden Kimball often spoke of his imperfections.  Here are a few of his words from General Conference.

I may not stand blameless before God at the last day, but I am not afraid to meet my God and be judged by the Lord as to my desires, efforts and works.  I understand the gospel of Jesus Christ well enough to know that God is perfect and deals out justice and mercy to His children: Jesus Christ is the door to the sheep-fold, and with all my imperfections and weaknesses, if I am invited by the Master to come in at the door, all the men who try to block my way will get run over and pushed aside. (Conference Report, April 1918, p. 132)

I love God; I love Him for His perfection; I love Him for His mercy; I love Him for His justice; and notwithstanding my many weaknesses I am not afraid to meet Him.  For I know that He will deal justly by me; and the great joy I will have is that He will understand me and that is more than some of you have been able to do. (Conference Report, October 1919, p.205)

Now, brethren, you can judge yourselves.  Do not bother about me.  Be concerned about yourselves, and I will get along the best way I can.  If I do not make it, there is no reason why you should not; and if I can make it, anybody can make it.  That is my personal idea.  I do not know whether that is an encouragement to you or not.  (Conference Report, April 1926, 6. 46)