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Cover design by Kimball Springall
Artwork by Joanne Stone


Izquierdo, Robyn Pearl Golding
    Little Snowflakes: A Lesson in Love
    Summary: The story follows a young girl’s discovery of life’s lessons in love.  Her family has moved once again with the LDS Church into Illinois, and they must band together to start over.  Her desire to give her father a special gift opens up a family secret and teaches Emily the pains and rewards of loving.  Set in Nauvoo in 1840, Emily’s story brings the events of LDS Church History into focus, as they would have been seen through the eyes of a young girl.


About the Author:

Robyn Pearl Golding Izquierdo is a teacher, mother, and author with a great love for history.  She spent her early years in Nauvoo, Illinois, and has a deep appreciation for Church History and its heroes.  She teaches at a state university and loves to bring to life the stories and lessons from our past.  Her husband and her daughter are her greatest joy, and it is this combination of family and history that gives her inspiration.