Russell M. Nelson

“It is highly significant that the English language has these two wonderful words---freedom and liberty---to describe precious privileges that we enjoy. In contrast, most European languages have only one word, such as German, freiheit; French, liberte; or Russian, svoboda.

“But we who love the word of God need not depend on the dictionary alone for our understanding of the concept of freedom. We can study the scriptures to gain spiritual insight. In analyzing the standard works in the English language, I find that the word freedom appears in thirty-three verses of holy scripture. Twenty-seven of those thirty-three verses of holy scripture are in the Book of Mormon. To me, it is quite remarkable that the number of verses with the terms freedom or liberty in the Book of Mormon is nearly double that of the other books of scripture combined!” (“Liberty, License, and Law,” July 1, 1990, The Spirit of America, p. 58)