Russell M. Nelson

“But the most profound thing I’ve witnessed is the unrivaled difference that belief in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, has in a person’s life. There is simply nothing to compare with the refining, ennobling strength and meaning that come into the life of a devoted believer and servant.

“This is not to suggest that faith in God eliminates challenges. It does not. We will all experience the vicissitudes of life.

“Financial stress, ill health, fractured relationships and dreams, personal loss, unfairness at the hands of conspiring men and women---each of these can fill our hearts with anxiety and fear.

“But it is my conviction that our Savior can strengthen and enable us to reach our highest highs and be able to cope with our lowest lows. As an ordained Apostle of Jesus Christ, I invite you to seek to know for yourself that He is the Master Healer” (“LDS president urges spirituality in an increasingly secular world during Phoenix-area visit,” op-ed, Arizona Republic, February 10, 2019).