Lorenzo Snow

“Take the case of a virtuous young man who lived before the Gospel was introduced to the children of men. . . . He married a wife, and raised a family; but he never had the privilege of receiving the Gospel, as you and I have. However, he taught his family the principles of morality, and he was affectionate and kind to his wife and children. What more could he do? He should not be condemned because he did not receive the Gospel; for there was no Gospel to receive. He should not lose his wife because when he married her he could not go into a Temple and have her sealed to him for time and eternity. He acted according to the best knowledge that he had, and she was married to him for time . . . We respect that marriage, solemnized according to the laws of his country. . . . We seal children to their parents and wives to their husbands, all along the line” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, p. 141).