January 11

1834 - The Prophet Joseph and several other leaders of the Church meet together to pray for the protection of the Saints, the Prophet, and the property of the Church.  It had been a difficult winter for the Saints, both in Kirtland, Ohio, and Jackson County, Missouri.

1843 - Joseph went on a sleigh ride with Emma to apologize for breaking his carriage on the return trip from Springfield, but a sleigh-shoe broke and they had to return home.  At home the Prophet received a visit from several people who had traveled from the town of Farmington, Iowa, to see him.  The Prophet Joseph had invitations sent to a large number of people for a dinner party to be held the next week, a celebration of his deliverance by the Lord from the legal problems in Missouri during his recent appearance in Springfield, Illinois.  The Quorum of the Twelve issued a proclamation of gratitude for the deliverance of the Prophet Joseph and calling for a “day of humiliation, fasting, praise, prayer, and thanksgiving before the great Eloheim” for the deliverance of the Prophet to be held on the 17th.  The Bishops of the different wards were asked to prepare meetings for the members and to not forget the needs of the poor and destitute. (History of the Church, 5:248-249)

1877 - The first endowments for the dead in this dispensation are performed in the St. George Utah Temple.  Brigham Young acted as proxy for his father.

1971 - The Taiwan Mission is organized.