January 17

1836 - The Prophet Joseph met with the Church leadership in Kirtland, Ohio.  Each member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve bore testimony, the Spirit was poured out on the brethren, the gift of tongues came, and a spiritual feast was held.  Later in the day the Prophet performed three marriages and attended a feast in celebration of the marriages.  The Prophet records that it was good for the brethren to gather in unity.

1838 - About this time, a member of the Church in the Kirtland, Ohio, area, a brother Thomlinson, had been trying to sell his property without success.  He asked Brigham Young for advice.  He was told he would sell it if he would do what was right and obey counsel.  Three days latter it sold and he gave $300 to Brigham Young who then sent it to the Prophet Joseph, providing him with the funds necessary to take his family to Missouri.

Joseph Smith Teaching in Nauvoo - small.jpg

1843 - It was a day of fasting, praise, and prayer, a day of jubilee,  in Nauvoo, Illinois, to express thanksgiving to God for the deliverance of the Prophet Joseph Smith from his enemies in Missouri during the recent court proceedings in Springfield, Illinois.  Several meetings and dinners were held around the city, the Prophet attending and speaking at the one held at his home.

1971 - The first stake in Kentucky is organized at Louisville.

1976 - The Church News publishes a statement by President Spencer W. Kimball as it begins a campaign against pornography.

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple.jpg

1986 - The Buenos Aires Argentina Temple is dedicated by President Thomas S. Monson of the First Presidency.

2010 - The first stake in Uganda is organized at Kampala with Jimmy Carter Okot sustained as the Stake President.

2011 - Elder Jermaine Luther Walker, serving in the Jamaica Kingston Mission, was accidentally shot and killed in a crossfire between local police and another vehicle they were pursuing.  Elder Walker was from Savanna La Mar, Jamaica.