March 13

1836 - The Prophet Joseph met with the presidency and the Twelve and discussed the prospect of moving to Missouri.  It was concluded that if all went well, they would move in the Spring—by “the 15th of May next.”  However, the move of the leadership did not take place as hoped. 

1838 - Hyrum Smith helps the seventies draft a constitution for the organization and government of the “Kirtland Camp.”  The camp was composed of impoverished, faithful Latter-day Saints, who were fleeing Kirtland, Ohio, for Far West. Missouri, following the apostasy in Kirtland. Also, the Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and their families, approached Far West, Missouri. They had been traveling for two months to reach the peace of Missouri. They were met by an escort and spent the night at Brother Barnard's home, only a day from Far West. 

1843 - The Prophet Joseph records, “I wrestled with William Wall, the most expert wrestler in Ramus, and threw him” (History of the Church, 5:302).  In the evening, there were twenty-seven children blessed in Ramus.  After blessing nineteen of them, the Prophet records, “Virtue went out of me, and my strength left me, when I gave up the meeting to the brethren” (History of the Church, 5:303).

Chief Walkara (Walker).png

1850 - Isaac Morley, leader of the Saints in Sanpete County, Utah, baptizes the Native American  Ute Chief Wakara.

Mormon Pavilion Expo 1970.jpg

1970 - The Mormon Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan, is dedicated.  President Hugh B. Brown, of the First Presidency, and Elders Ezra Taft Benson and Gordon B. Hinckley take part in the dedication.  Some 6.65 million people visit the pavilion in the first six months of the fair.

Logan Utah Temple.jpg

1979 - The Logan Utah Temple is rededicated by President Spencer W. Kimball after extensive remodeling.

1981 - United States President Ronald Reagan meets with President Spencer W. Kimball and Elder Gordon B. Hinckley, of the Quorum of the Twelve.

1988 - Elder Marvin J. Ashton, of the Quorum of the Twelve, blessed the islands of the West Indies and also dedicated the Christ Church Branch building in Barbados.

2005 - By satellite, President Hinckley addresses 95,000 Church members in Samoa and Tahiti.  Also, the first meetinghouse of the Church in Daviess County, Missouri, was dedicated in Gallatin, Missouri.  In the 1830's the Church had several settlements in the area, one of which was in nearby Adam-ondi-Ahman, before the Saints were driven from the state during the winter of 1838-39.