May 7

1834 - At New Portage, Ohio, (about 50 miles from Kirtland) the Prophet Joseph spent the day organizing Zion’s Camp.  Leadership was chosen and the men were organized into camps of twelve who chose their own captain. (History of the Church, 2:64)

Joseph and the Nauvoo Legion.jpg

1842 - The Nauvoo Legion took part in a mock battle in front of a large number of spectators.  Even Judge Douglas in Carthage adjourned the circuit court and quickly rode to Nauvoo to see the demonstration of the Legion.  The Prophet records that he had uneasy feelings about General John C. Bennett and where General Bennett had asked him to be while participating in the mock battle.  “And if General Bennett’s true feelings toward me are not made manifest to the world in a very short time, then it may be possible that the gentle breathings of that Spirit, which whispered me on parade, that there was mischief concealed in that sham battle, were false; a short time will determine the point” (History of the Church, 5:4).  John C. Bennett would shortly leave Nauvoo and begin opposing the Church and the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Nauvoo Expositor Building.jpg

1844 - An “opposition printing press arrives at Dr. Foster’s” (History of the Church, 6:357).  The press would later be used to print the infamous Nauvoo Expositor.

Pioneers 2.jpg

1847 - First Pioneer company continued traveling along the north side of the Platte River encountering thousands of buffalo.  Brigham Young again gave orders to kill only what the camp could use for food.

1850 - Louisa Barnes Pratt, wife of missionary Addison Pratt, is called and set apart to go to the islands of the sea with her husband to help proclaim the gospel.  Perhaps the first couple called together as missionaries.

Time - Benson May 7 1956.jpg

1956 - Ezra Taft Benson was on the cover of Time Magazine as Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower.

1874 - President Brigham Young organizes the united order in the Salt Lake City wards.  Over the course of the following months, the order is organized in dozens of towns throughout the territory of Utah.

Jeffrey R. Holland - young.jpg

1980 - The BYU Board of Trustees announced that Dallin H. Oaks would be released as President of the University beginning on August 1, 1980. He would be succeeded by Jeffrey R. Holland.