July 1

1829 - On or about this date, the Prophet Joseph Smith completes the translation of the Book of Mormon.

1846 - At Mosquito Creek (near Council Bluffs, Iowa) Captain James Allen of the U.S. Army discusses with Brigham Young the government’s proposal to enlist five hundred Mormon volunteers for the war with Mexico.

Martha Hughes Cannon.jpg

1880 - Martha Hughes Cannon receives a medical degree from Michigan Medical School.  In August 1878, she had been set apart by President John Taylor to obtain this training.

1948 - Finland grants the Church legal status.

1962 - The Korea Mission is established.

Arnold Friberg.jpg

2010 - Church member, Arnold Friberg dies. He was known as the artist for the movie The Ten Commandments, for more than 300 paintings of the Canadian Mounties, the painting of George Washington praying at Valley Forge, and numerous paintings of scenes from the Book of Mormon and Bible.

Cheryl Kominsky.jpg

2011 - Church member, Cheryl Kominsky Robinson, was inducted into the U.S. Bowling Hall of Fame at a ceremony held in Arlington, Texas.