July 5

1830 - About this time, Sister Knight, wife of Newel Knight, had a dream that the Prophet Joseph would visit that day, which was fulfilled when the Prophet Joseph arrived a few hours later.  The persecution of the Church and the Prophet Joseph had increased and he records, “although we this time were forced to seek safety from our enemies by flight, yet did we feel confident that eventually we should come off victorious, if we only continued faithful to Him who had called us forth from darkness in the marvelous light of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ” (History of the Church, 1:101).

Book of Abrahm characters.jpg

1835 - Joseph Smith commenced the translation of some of the characters found on the Egyptian mummies recently brought to Kirtland found one of the scrolls contained the writings of Abraham.  The Book of Abraham was published in the Times and Seasons in Nauvoo and would be canonized during the October 1880 General Conference.

Kirtland Temple - House of the Lord.jpg

1838 - Just over 500 Saints began to gather “about one hundred rods south of the House of the Lord” in Kirtland, Ohio, to organize and prepare themselves for the journey to Missouri.  They were the remaining faithful Saints in Kirtland who were the poor and destitute who would join together for the journey west in what was to be called the “Kirtland Camp.”  They would arrive in October, 1838, where the Prophet Joseph Smith settled them in Adam-ondi-Ahman just a couple weeks before the mob action against the Saints resulted in the Extermination Order. This journey of the poor, but faithful Saints, from Kirtland to Missouri, would become one of the great stories in Church History.

1873 - Zion’s Savings Bank and Trust is organized with Brigham Young as president.

1978 - The first missionaries, Elders Ron Brown and Stanton Akana, arrive in the west Pacific country of Palau.