August 10

1833 - The Prophet Joseph Smith wrote a letter to William Phelps, John Whitmer, Edward Partridge, Isaac Morley, John Corrill, Sidney Gilbert, and others.

Joseph Smith and Quorum of Twelve Apostles.jpg

1841 - Joseph Smith held a council in Nauvoo with some of the Twelve to plan the next phase of missionary work. (History of the Church, 4:400)

Cane Creek Massacre tombstone.jpg

1884 - The worst massacre of Church members in Tennessee, known as the Cane Creek Massacre, took place during a Church service at the home of W. James Conder on Cane Creek in Lewis County, Tennessee.  Elder William S. Berry and Elder John H. Gibbs were killed by an anti-Mormon mob led by David Hinson, who was killed in the fight by John Riley Hutson.  Half brothers, John Riley Hutson and W. Martin Conder, were also killed by the mob.  Sister Malinda Condor was shot and wounded in the hip but would recover enough to walk with a cane.

1954 - The First Presidency issues a letter counseling members involved in the Indian Student Placement Program to provide the Native American children staying with them in their homes with all the spiritual and cultural opportunities possible in addition to their education at public schools.

1997 - President Gordon B. Hinckley becomes the first President of the Church to visit Paraguay.  Several thousand members gathered for the meeting with President Hinckley, some traveling up to nine hours to attend.  Also, the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS) broadcasts the world premiere of Lee Groberg’s Trail of Hope, The Story of the Mormon Trail on American television.

Panama City Panama Temple.jpg

2008 - The Panama City Panama Temple is dedicated by Thomas S. Monson.

2009 - Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve represented the Church at the World Congress of Families V, which convened in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Wendy Watson Nelson and Sheri Dew also spoke.

Waldie wedding day.jpg

2012 - Five siblings share their wedding day at the Mesa Arizona Temple. Five of the eight children of Doug and Kristen Waldie of Mesa—-Todd and Brooke Cook, Walker and Jillian Waldie, Bradford and Megan Waldie, Doug and Sydney Schaub, and Will and Emily Allen—-enjoyed the day at the Temple and their large reception in the evening.