August 24

1842 - Illinois Governor Thomas Carlin writes a letter to Emma Smith in answer to her letter written to him.  He assures Emma “that all my official acts in reference to Mr. Smith have been prompted by a strict sense of duty.” He also states he regrets having to “act at all” and encourages her to have Joseph “submit to the laws and that justice will ultimately be done.”  (History of the Church, 5:131)

1898 - George H. Hudson is killed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War, the first member of the Church to die in combat in a war for the United States.

1977 - Poland is dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by President Spencer W. Kimball.

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

1985 - The Johannesburg South Africa Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency.

1991 - Panama is dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by Howard W. Hunter of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

2008 - The Twin Falls Idaho Temple is dedicated.